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Business idea generation and evaluation

Coming up with a great idea or spotting an opportunity is key to successful business. The first idea is usually not the best. In order to have great idea you need to have many ideas. Various methods can help you generate ideas. But not - Idea generation methods o Brainstorming o Mind maps o 6_8_5 o Painstorming - Sources of ideas - Turning idea into business opportunity - Value proposition canvas ...

Business Model

We are discussing importance of value flow in your future company. What do you offer to your customers and how will you make money? When starting new business, it is important to have a sustainable business model. That means you are abl ...

Modern approaches to idea development

Building a new business is a daunting task. There are so many factors influencing the success that it is hard to have everything in place for the first time. Businesses fail and there is no point in denying it. If you take start-ups – f - Design Thinking - Lean Start-up - Principles ...

Navigating the entrepreneurship support system

Institutions, governments, business communities and societies recognise entrepreneurship as essential to development and creation of wealth and well-being. Entrepreneurship is being promoted at all levels of the society and many resourc ...

What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurial individuals are often viewed as different from us. This training fiche will review characteristics, thinking and behaviour of entrepreneurs and debunk common myths associated with them. You will be able to understand wha ...

What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurial behaviour is at the root of human activity. People’s ideas and creations provide products, services and solutions that organise human activity and make life easier. The common views of entrepreneurship associate it solel ...

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