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  • Closing Meeting of the SUPER Project. IDP in Malaga (Spain) to present the results and explore future opportunities for collaboration

Super staff » 20/06/2018

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Closing Meeting of the SUPER Project. IDP in Malaga (Spain) to present the results and explore future opportunities for collaboration

The SUPER project, Start-Up Promotion for Entrepreneurial Resilience, is co-funded by the European Commission's Erasmus Plus Program, Key Action 2 - Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education - and aims at overcoming barriers to entrepreneurship through the development of a Toolkit that supports the Institutes of Higher Education in providing effective tutoring and incubation services for aspiring entrepreneurs and offers students training resources and operational tools to develop their business ventures.
The partners of the international consortium met on June 15th in Malaga for the formal closure of the project and to explore the application opportunities of the SUPER model. The meeting offered a unique opportunity to illustrate the results achieved and to explore the possibilities for further implementation.
The project’s results and a detailed description of the SUPER model are available online on the project portal www.super-project.eu, where it is also possible to find contacts to request information, share experiences and explore the possible applications of the model.
Thanks to its consolidated experience, within the SUPER project, IDP was responsible for the coordination and supervision of the Monitoring, Evaluation and Quality Assurance actions. IDP has also cooperated with the other partners to the creation of the Business Incubation Toolkit, a series of recommendations and operational measures to activate and manage effective business incubation services and entrepreneurship support mechanisms within the Higher Education Institutes. IDP also carried out toolkit and training testing and validation actions .
Project partners are available to provide further information to all interested parties.

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