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Super staff » 08/10/2015

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IDP launches the SUPER project, funded by the European Erasmus + program

IDP European Consultants, a company specialized in European projects funding, launched the SUPER project (Start-Up Promotion for Entrepreneurial Resilience), funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Program which supports projects in all the sectors of the education field.
The project is primarily addressed at Universities (Higher Education Institutions) with the aim of providing students with the business support necessary to transform their ideas into actions, up to the creation of a real company or start-up.
SUPER has a double mission: on the one hand to support the university system by creating tools suitable to develop a business and nurturing the entrepreneurial talent of the students; on the other hand to create a practical course on how to set up and manage an effective business. The final objective of the project is the creation of a OER platform (Open Educational Resources), that spreads the results of the project across Europe and makes it a focal point for exchanging experiences and a business accelerator.
The 6 partners, coming from 6 European countries (Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Spain) met in Brussels on October 6th and 7th 2015 to set up the project activities, to share cooperatively the tasks within the partnership and define the schedule.
The partners of IDP European Consultants, an Italian company operating in Brussels since 1991, developed a consolidated experience in the field of European projects, confirmed by the score of 80% success achieved for the proposals presented under the Call for Proposals 2014 of the Erasmus + Program.
In addition to providing consulting services in the preparation and management of projects for European funds, IDP European Consultants offers training services in euro design: in particular, the Master Class in European Planning and Financing, intensive course now at its 42nd edition (Brussels , 17 - 20 November 2015), which is organized in collaboration with the Brussels Office of the Agency for Promotion Abroad and Internationalization of Italian Enterprises (ICE).
The Master Class combines theory and practice on European design methodologies, offering an intensive and concrete training path to acquire winning techniques for the drafting of successful projects.
IDP provides its customers with twenty years of experience in European design, services for the development of project ideas, partner search and project management in Europe.
For more details on SUPER, the other projects and all the services provided, contact us: bruxelles@idpeuropa.com
Visit our website: www.idpeuropa.com
Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idp.bruxelles
Or on Linkedin: http://be.linkedin.com/pub/idp-european-consultants/47/a22/4b5

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