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SUPER - Start-Up Promotion for Entrepreneurial Resilience

SUPER - Start-Up Promotion for Entrepreneurial Resilience

SUPER provides the following support instruments to facilitate entrepreneurship and business incubation in HEIs:
i. Success and failure factors in business incubations – literature review and international survey.
ii. The toolkit for business incubation managers.
iii. Training materials for aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship educators.


The main aim of the SUPER project is to help to create a support system for entrepreneurship at universities to encourage university students both at the stage of converting their ideas into real businesses, as well as the practical foundation of their firms. The project result will be both a tool for higher education institutions (HEIs) aimed at the development of effective mentoring and support systems for incubators for future entrepreneurs; further, training resources and business tools for university students aimed at helping them with practical implementation of business and business development overall. Results of the project will be extended to all Europe through the platform of Open Educational Resources (OER), which will become a center of knowledge and a central point of exchanging practical experiences, knowledge and lessons learned for higher education institutions, as well as business accelerator for university students who, through SUPER tool, will be able to realize their business venture with the students of similar intentions across the European Union.


SUPER is fully in line with the horizontal and sectoral priorities of the Erasmus + Programme, as follows: Horizontal priority 1, page 106: developing basic and transversal skills (such as entrepreneurship) in all fields of education. SUPER aims at equipping HEIs with business incubation and entrepreneurship support systems while empowering HE students to turn ideas into action and practically establish companies. The project is hence about the development of basic and transversal skills of sense of initiative, entrepreneurial spirit in an innovative way: the innovation is in the “equipping” and “empowering” approach.

This is the dual mission of SUPER that works on the one hand on the support system at HEI level with the SUPER ToolKit to establish effective and efficient business incubation (i.e. the “infrastructure” to nurture the entrepreneurial talent of students); on the other, SUPER works with the students through the practical SUPER Training on how to set up and run a business.

HE specific priority 1: supporting the implementation of the Modernisation Agenda of HE. SUPER clearly addresse the many priorities identified in Modernisation of Higher Education in Europe 2011: Funding and the Social SUPER in all the accounts that pertain to the HEIs becoming the platform to nurture and grow the entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurship of HE students. In addition, SUPER is fully in line with the Modernisatino of HEI follow ups from the EU Commission, in particular:

  • Recommendation 10 HEIs should introduce and promote cross-, trans- and interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning, helping students develop their breadth of understanding and entrepreneurial and innovative mind-sets”, EACEA and DG EAC High Level Group on the Modernisation of Higher Education “Improving the quality of teaching and learning in EU’s HEIs, 2013
  • “Supporting growth and jobs – an agenda for the modernisation of Europe's higher education systems” COM(2011) 567, that explicitely calls HEIs and Memebr States to “encourage student entrepreneurs and innovative university-business cooperation”.
  • “Council conclusions on entrepreneurship in education and training”, January 2015 Promote and support student venture initiatives, for example by encouraging the creation of appropriate learning environments, the provision of sound careers guidance at all levels of education, and the availability of mentoring and incubators for aspiring entrepreneurs.

In addition, SUPER is fully in line with HE Specific Priority (Programme Guide pag 107) “developing active cooperation between HEI and partners from outside academia, i.e. enterprises, professional organisations, chambers of commerce”; HE Specific Priority: “strengthen links between education and business” as SUPER will embed innovative tools, means and resources in HEIs for the linkages between education and business.

Moreover, SUPER addresses the fragmentation in entrepreneurship promotion systems across HEIs highlighted by EU Commission, Working Group on Entrepreneurship Education, 2014 “efforts across Member States to support and promote entrepreneurship in education are fragmented and lack coherence”.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site and its contents reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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